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My name is Alexander Morner, most of you probably know me (and my black/red mane) from twitter (www.twitter.com/AlexanderMorner) where I’ve been an active user for years. I joined many years ago to be able to follow Mr. Adam Lambert’s career and communicate with his lovely fans, the “Glamberts”, and our community; “The Glamily”. Since then I’ve been stuck!

Although I’ve been active for years, I’ve recently got a large amount of new followers, hello to you! I’m guessing you found me after New Year’s Eve and QAL Europe… more about that in the actual blog!

So, short info about me. I’m currently 19 years old (turn 20 this summer) and I live on the country side in mid-Sweden. I did IB in high school, which I graduated spring 2014. The fall of 2014 I spent four months in Sydney with my relatives there, working as an Au Pair. I got back home to Sweden just before Christmas. I’m currently in Uni studying to become a music supervisor, and I’m very excited about it all! I’m a dog and horse owner, vegan since a few months back (after having been vegetarian for quite some time) and a total music geek. You might also find me babbling about space on occasion. In the future I plan to work and live somewhere WARM, preferably L.A.

I hope you enjoy my little recaps. If you’ve seen me at any of the shows, say hi! And if you see me at any of the upcoming shows, come say hi as well, I’m friendly 🙂 You might have to give me your twitterhandle though, haha!

Gigs I attended:

  • Sydney – 27th of August 2014 (Seated)
  • London – New Year’s Eve 2014 (Front row)
  • London – 17th of January 2015 (Front row)
  • London – 18th of January 2015 (Front row)
  • Paris – 26th of January 2015 (Front row)
  • Amsterdam – 30th of January 2015 (Front row)
  • Herning (Denmark) – 15th of February 2015 (Front row)
  • London (Wembley) – 24th of February 2015 (Front row)
  • Sheffield – 27th of February 2015 (Front row)




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