So here we are again, at the end of a year. 2015 is taking its last breath and we can already feel 2016 takings its first, just around the corner. In many ways, it’s been a year like all other years – 12 months have passed, weather has changed, people have been born and people have died, and we’ve had tragedies and miracles. But in most ways, his hasn’t been just another year, not to me. As this year comes to an end, I can’t help but think about it and everything it’s contained within its borders – and I feel a deep desire to thank some of the people and souls that have crossed with mine this year, one way or another. So here goes;

A big thank you to my companion in life, the one that will never get rid of me no matter how hard she tries or how much distance is between us. I love you, My.

Thank you to Emke, my sister from another mister and in many ways my twin, for always being there, being yourself, and being totally insane. I love you more than words can ever describe.


Thank you to my fierce, loving and wonderful Julia for the laughs and the hugs, and the horses and the chickens.

Thank you to Sky, who I’ve not only gotten to know better, but who has also made me know myself better, by a thousand and one weird questions. Thank you for sticking with me.

Thank you to Eli, for always being one to listen and one of the few to truly understand.

Thank you to Emilie, for being impossible with cheese and always bringing a smile to my face.

Thank you to Sebastian, for being my rock when I needed you to be.

Thank you to Malcolm, for the deep talks and the steady frame when I needed someone to cling to, and for being possibly the coziest guy I know.


To Dibah, for the parties and the cock blocking.

Thank you to the people I’ve met along the way, one way or another; Daniel for being the amazing human being you are, Ian for being such a secure, steady man and for looking out for me, Roy for being so kind and bringing a lot of joy, Laura for being an amazing queue buddy, Tom for being my running mate and a good sport about getting drenched, Valentina for the patience and sneakiness, Kate for the Paris adventures, Heather for being my support through the hate, Jaime, Gavin, Danielle, Catherine, Rory, Samantha, Samuel, Barbie, Bintone, Alex, Rachel, Barbara, Albert, Mike, Leah, Gail, Carole, Mads, Thilo, Danielle, Daz, Nico, Linda, Ritt, Nadine, Giancarlo, Philip, Kate, Chris, Linda, Aggie, Louise, Sean, Alla, Feral, Netiri, Eileen, Wilma, Sandy, Kiisa, Mel, Robin, Cal, Linda, Bex, Robyn, Sara, Annie, Tina, Kim, Lucas, Susann, Klara, Sanne and Helen.

To Larry, for teaching me about life and history, and for truly listening to what I have to say, at the same time.  To Ola, for never giving up and for the hug that made my summer. To Marie, for handling the crazy that is me, and all the work that you do. To Clarissa, for never letting me go fully. To Sophie and your Bo, for being your wild, bubbly and warm selves.


To Mari, for the never ending sweetness. To Karo, for loving me at first sight and for adventures to come. To Vincent and Luke, for showing me what love can be all about. To Veronique, for always being yourself, through everything. I adore you. To Rita, Katja, Domi, Emi, Rama and Yomna for support and kind words. To Chrissi, for the love and understanding. To Ziamp and mmadamimadamm, for always bringing a smile to my face when I enter twitter. To Carolein and Joyce for the brief but joyful meetings, to Anjelica for the craziness and Dutch lessons, to Mireille for the constantly positive outlook, Yaira for the laughs, Nicole for the feelings and Sherelle for the understanding.

To Marisa, for the love and smiles you always bring with you. To Margot, for being such a warm, generous spirit and a fantastic hugger. To Gelly, for all the work. To Beth, for sharing your art and for the smile in your writing. To Yara, for your warm energy and even warmer smile.


To Fredrik and Derek, for bringing me hope. To Hanna and Lisa, for the friendship and the umbrella. To Selina, Lisa and Ian, for friendships to come. To Pom, Elias and Elliot for the laughs, the feelings and the hugs. To Ash, for all the crazy stalking and peculiar feet. To Michaela, for the patience, and to Fredrika for the help and generosity. To Kym, for your knowledge and kind heart. To Michelle, for being one of my few steady points, and for the countless inside jokes.
To Billie Joe, Mike and Tré for the music that have forever changed me.

To Anja, for enabling me to get what I really need.

To Brian, Roger, Rufus, Spike and Neil, for giving me the chance to experience magic and meet some amazing souls while doing it, to Dave and Steve for the kindness and sweaty hugs. To the unknown security guard, for the early morning tea.


To Julia, Douglas, Aurora, Freja and Ingrid, for letting me experience something that I would never have had the chance to otherwise. To Rachel, Erik, Laura and Harrison for the including me in a heartbeat, and to Jordan for being my best mate when I had none. To Gunilla & Jonas, for your generosity and love. To Nicole, Joar and Annika for showing me what love is, through anything.

To Harry, for showing me what a good time really is about.

To all my dog park companions, no matter how many legs you had.

To Apollo, for being my love through everything, to Sam, Wille and Axa for love that was lost but never forgotten, to Zorba, Josephine, Wendy and Cilla for showing me that you’re never alone, to Cosen and Etske, for the warm fur to cry into, and to Bob and Snow for waking me up at the worst of hours.

To Fredrik and Håkan for the opportunity that was impossible to get.

To Anton for the music, Maria for the meaning, to Annika for the sanity, to Mihai for the companionship and the laughs, to Nele for the joy and frustration, to Nina for the spirit, to Leo for the smiles, to Burhan and Sofia for the encouragement, to Linn for the cursing, to Andreas and Niclas for teaching me the way, to Jojo for the calmness, to B-Å för the skills, to Rickard for the fun and to Martin, for the coaching.

To all the people that told me no, and to all the people that told me yes. To the friendly strangers, and the countless vets. To the supportive smiles, and the compassionate hugs. To all the people I’ve forgotten to name, and to all the people that will forever be nameless in my head.

To my dad, for the generosity and counter point. To PO for the never ending support, and to my mom for being the most special woman in my life.



And last of all, thank you to the person that have helped me find myself. Thank you to the person that helped me see how you evolve, who have taught me how you learn from your mistakes and your successes. Thank you to the man that has taught me to always be kind, gentle, gutsy, charming, firce, sweet, compassionate, crazy, liberal, beautiful and free.

Thank you for a year filled to the brim with happiness, first experiences, and memories to last me a life time.
Thank you for giving me hope when nothing else can, and for the music that touches the deepest parts of me.
Thank you for listening to my stumbling words, for the smiles, and for the hugs that still make my heart race.
Thank you for appreciating my attempt to give you something back, to make you feel welcome and loved.
Thank you, for the most amazing year of my life this far, and for an even more unbelievable one to come.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Adam.



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