London 18th of January – infinity is a peculiar thing

Time to continue the great adventure recaps, ey?

After less than two hours of sleep, I woke up from a blaring alarm at 4am on the 18th. Determined to actually look somewhat better than I was feeling after 14h of queuing the day before, foundation was my best friend that morning. My prebooked cab arrived at 5am, as there wasn’t any public transport that early in the morning. It was only a 10min drive, so it wasn’t even that expensive. The cab driver wonder what the fuck I was going to do at the O2 at 5 in the morning. I told him I was queuing up for Queen and Adam Lambert. He said he hadn’t heard the Queen was going to make an appearance in a big arena, and was frankly quite confused when I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t the Queen, it was Queen.

When I got in queue, I was met by only two people – Roy (who most of you will recognize by now I think, he’s well known in the fandoms!) as well as Sam, a lovely American that explained that his wife and daughter were getting some well deserved few hours of sleep, as they’d flown in from Florida for the weekend only – just for doing the gigs! I have to say, standing there freezing my ass off at 6am, that was some pretty impressive A+ parenting right there. Soon Laura, who I’d started talking to just the day before and clicked with immediately, also showed up, and then on it went. More lovely Glamberts (Linda, Jacqui, Nadine, Mel, Nico, Leah and Heather, to name a few!) (Yes Daz you are also included but you turned up way later, so I can’t fairly include you right now ;)) and many lovely Queenies (shoutout to Dan & Dan, Thilo, Ian, Chris, Ritt, Gavin, Jaime and everyone I’ve forgotten to name!)



With a bunch of lovely Queen and Adam fans!

With a bunch of lovely Queen and Adam fans!

The queue was a lot slower on the second day, both in the beginning and through out the day. We had awesome security staff again, who’d been kind enough to leave things people had thrown away the previous day for us to use, such as yoga mats and blankets. Very appreciated, to say the least! Topics of discussion during the day included everything from Glee to Adam’s dick and ass to Mexico…. 😉 We kept ourselves entertained!


The queue life


Let in the second day was a lot more chaotic than day 1. Instead of giving us all wrist bands before letting us in, we had to do it at the barrier, which meant that the order and well kept queue system fucked up… We were a few very furious people, to say the least…! But thanks to great friends that I’d made during the two days, no less than 4 people were keeping spots just for me. That’s the spirit that should be encouraged! And, very much thanks to this, I got the exact same spot as the day before.


Same place as the day before, much thanks to the lovely Laura!

Same place as the day before, much thanks to the lovely Laura!

Now, you may or may not wonder why this is important. In the previous post, I mentioned that Adam never went down into the audience during the first night’s Radio GaGa. I was quite upset about this, so I crafted a little sign on the backside of my booking confirmation papers. I chose between being bitchy and asking nicely, and you can see what I chose. (Good manners will get you far people, you’ll see)


This day the audience anticipation was of slightly lower energy, as most of us wanted to save our energy for the actual gig. But as soon as the place went dark, shit went down. No matter how tired, hungry and exhausted you are, as soon as you hear that music starting – your heart is racing, you can’t breathe and it’s just 110% pure excitement in the air. It’s addictive, to say the least!!

So, let’s get going to two moments of the gig….

Exhibit A, Save Me

Time: 2.15 – 2.25

Line: Save me, Save me

WILD (What Is Lambert Doing): Walking down the stairs very greacefully, looking into my eye for a solid 10 seconds. As if I needed my heart to function or anything, meh.

Exhibit B, Radio GaGa

Time: Around 2.30

WILD: Gowing down the small stairs, and (even though sadly not shown on any video) GRABBING MY HAND.

Okay, so some explanation here. I’ve been a massive fan of Adam for years. As mentioned in my Sydney recap, I’ve missed out on every chance to see him before this QAL adventure. I missed London in 2012, I couldn’t go to Helsinki, couldn’t even go when he was in Sweden for promo work. I’ve missed so many chances. Adam means incredibly much to me. He’s much, much more than just an “idol”, someone I look up to. His music, but even more just him as a person and everything that he is and represents, has helped me through a lot of very difficult things that are way too personal to share here. He continues to inspire me every day, he makes me see what’s good in life, even when I’m dealing with things that could have ended me, once upon a time. I have Adam to thank for my life, and that’s not something I take lightly. My first ever tattoo is a version of his famous first tattoo – the eye of horus. Mine is a one-of-a-kind artwork piece created by a very talented girl (you can find her on twitter here) that, as you can see, has some even deeper connections to Adam. He is my protector in many ways, and this tattoo reminds me every day about that, and about taking charge of my own life and living it to the fullest.


Now, why am I telling you this? Because, that second night in London, after waiting for so many hours, after holding that little sign up the entire gig (earning a chuckle from Brian at one point) and after spending so much time, money, effort and love the last few years on this man – I got to physically touch him.

It was brief, probably not even more than a second, but that didn’t matter. We locked hands for a moment. My fingers were grasping his Eye of Horus tattoo, and his (although he probably doesn’t know it) fingers were touching mine. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a deep, special meaning that had and still has to me.

The only ones that can probably remotely understand my reaction to this were Laura and the amazing Glamberts I met out in the reception afterwards. I was crying hysterically, was saved from fainting by Laura’s sweetheart of a mother, and hugging everyone within three meters of me. Complete and total chock mode. I started shaking violently, was nothing short of a niagara fall, and was actually down on my knees while talking to my mother on the phone in the hotel hallway. To some of you my reaction may seem silly or childish, but I can’t care less. This person means the world to me, he really does, and that night I actually got to touch him for the first time in my life.


A very upset Alexander above, and a gift from one of the guys that is in charge of the stairs below, as he saw my insane reaction to touching Adam and my commitment throughout the night. Thank you!


Adam talks a lot about his second tattoo, the infinity symbol, and how it symbolises the energy flow between him and the audience. The energy flow of that evening, Eye of Horus to Eye of Horus, still has my knees going wobbly today, 2.5 months later. I doubt it will ever go away.


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