A side note to NYE – otherwise known as “OMG he looked me in the eye!”

Since I wrote that New Year’s Eve recap, I realized that I never included any video where Adam looks at me. And you know, as a total fanboy, this is a very important thing, haha. So, here’s a little side note, aka two places where Adam looked me in the eye (help, I can’t breathe)

Exhibit A, I Want To Break Free

Time: 2.51 – 2.55

Line: “So, baby can’t you see?” (O.M.G. he just sang “baby” in my face!)

WILD (What Is Lambert Doing): Making a little “ofh!” move and looking INSANELY sexy as he focuses on me (how am I still breathing? No one knows)

Exhibit B, Somebody To Love

Time: 3.31 – 3.35

Line: “Can anybody find me YEAH” (omg that wail!?)

WILD: Wailing and moving his hand to mimic my own (thankfully not-heard-on-stream-in-front-of-14-million-people) wailing that I was doing with him, LOL.

It is a medical mystery how I am still alive.


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