Sydney 27th of August 2014 – the start of it all

I’ve been a fan of Adam’s since 2011. That means, by the time of writing this, 4 years. 4 years of spending every second that I could on twitter. Talking to fans, that became friends, that became people I couldn’t live without. Learning everything about this beautiful man we all love and adore to our last breath. Watching videos, watching really bad streams from everything from the US to China. Reading every article, looking at every picture. Watching every video. Old interviews, new interviews. Trespassing promo. Calling and mailing radio stations, not just in my native Sweden but also in the US, in Finland, in the US. Buying the album, gifting the album, helping spread the word about people gifting the singles. Ditching school the day the Better Than I Know Myself video was released, just to see it. Reading old interviews. Discussing Adam’s fashion choices, his mysterious tweets, his partners, his eyebrows, his voice, his ass, his dick, his chest, his personality, his trainer, his diet, his background, his family, his friends, his career and everything in between. Basically I’ve devoted 4 years of attention, love and money to this man.

Yet I’d never seen him live.

I missed Trespassing promo in Stockholm because I wasn’t 18 and couldn’t enter the ticket-competition (and wasn’t allowed to go) – to later find out that people younger than me had just turned up outside the radio station’s office and been allowed in. Pissed and heart broken didn’t even begin to cover it.

I missed Hammersmith because I couldn’t afford it. I sat and watched those live-streams while European I knew attended at least one of those shows, met his friends and family and raved about it. I was gutted.

I missed Helsinki because of studies and again, lack of money. Everyone I knew from Sweden, Norway, Finland and more went, even people that had less money than I did got to go thanks to contact. I couldn’t even watch the stream. I was devastated.

Fast forward to spring of 2014. A few weeks after writing my IB Final Exams, the tests I’d been studying for for the last 3 years. Three years of missing everything even remotely described as “Teenage years” in favor of sitting inside, studying, every day. Three years of missing everything I’d wanted to do with my life. Two days before graduating, I recieved a scholarship that made it all seem worth it. I’m not that spiritual, but it really felt like the universe was on my side, rewarding me for all those years.

Graduation, and summer was before me. In July I got a call from my aunt, who was desperate to find someone that could help her out with the kids for a few months. After a week of thinking, talking and thinking a bit more, I agreed to come, on one condition. I wanted to arrive in Sydney in time to see Queen and Adam perform there in August.

Said and done. Plans were made, flights were booked, and I found my hands full of preparation for the longest “trip” I’d ever done. I’ve been to Australia before, when I was a kid, but not like this. Even though I was staying with family, it felt a bit like moving away from home.

It was a long flight. 7h to Dubai, a long, long wait at the airport, and then another 14h to Sydney. I arrived at 5am in the morning on the 26th, extremely jet lagged but determined to make it work. That day and most of the day on the 27th was spent learning ruitines with the kids and the car. In other words, my job. But then, it was nearing evening. I did my hair, did my makeup, put on my very well thought out outfit. It was time to go. Holy shit!


The only picture I have from that day. My hair was a mess from the time it took to get there, and I was way too excited to take any pictures. Since the picture is so crappy, I’ll describe my outfit for you (because yes, it’s important, duh!) I wore my by-then only Adam T-shirt, a gift from my friend Sebastian since many years, a leather jacket, gold pants and leo-print shoes. Yes, Adam’s Under Pressure-outfit was a clear inspiration.

The gig was…. spectacular. Me and my aunt had seats high up on the right side. Adam, Brian, Roger and the rest were little spots down there on that massive stage. But at the time, it didn’t matter. When Adam’s first note rang out over that arena, I felt my breath leave me. Have you ever heard about the term “wall of sound” that’s used to describe a really good singer’s voice? That was it. It’s like getting hit by a ton of bricks.

To be completely honest, I don’t remember much of the gig. It’s a few months ago now, and I always tend to black out a bit, but it was amazing. I was in tears half of it, sitting with my mouth open in awe the other half of it, and freaking out all at the same time. We got to see the “Surprise” duet with Lady Gaga, which honestly kind of sucked (especially since it was during one of my favorite songs…!) but Adam’s GLEE and joy was out of this world, and it made it all worth it. He was smiling so big, having so much fun up there. I was smiling my way through it. God, Adam, I adore you.

It was over way too quickly. I swore to myself, after freaking out MAJORLY on twitter, that I would see that show again if they did tour Europe. I didn’t care what it took, I was seeing them again, and I was going to be front row. Boy, I had no idea what I was in for.


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